IMP for young and old 2010

    by author and photographer: dr. Christine Miller Courtesy of the magazine PIRSCH 24/2010 Responsible dog breeding has long since burst the country’s borders. More and more breeders want to expand the base of their hunting breed, without sacrificing high performance standards. In a united Europe that would actually be quite easy – if there were […]

    Agenda for the Annual Meeting on July 18, 2010

    Verband Kleine Münsterländer International (KlM-I) e.V.     Jacqueline Geißler, Dresdner Str. 19, 01774 Pretzschendorf   Participants: Bernd-Dieter Jesinghausen, Henrik Raae Andersen, Cor Bottenheft, Jacqueline Geißler, Atle Johannesen, Tom MCDonald, Nanda Adriaansen, Dietrich Berning, Thomas Hinterecker, Peter Hübler, Karl Wichmann, Bernd Westphal, Ernst Krebs, Urs Hoppler, Erwin Wallmann, Hans-Jürgen Heuser, Jiři Kec, Walter Ullrich, Peter […]


    Concerning the Inaugural Meeting of the KlM-I 2006

          Thursday, June 29, 2006       Minutes of Meeting   Concerning the Inaugural Meeting of the International Kleine Münsterländer Club (KlM-I) Meeting place:        Hotel Berghof Almendorfer Str. 1-3 36100 Petersberg-Almendorf Tel: 0661-967900 FAX: 0661-9679088 Schedule:               Saturday, May 20, 2006                            Sunday, May 21, 2006 Start:    2:00 p.m.                                      End:      12.00 noon   […]