(kb 10.07.2013)

At KlM breed shows or also at exhibitions of the national F.C.I. country organizations, the physique and coat of the KlM is assessed by F.C.I. judges. These phenotypical characteristics of the dog are specified in the F.C.I. Standard KlM Nr. 102—December 6, 2004/D. The mother country of the breed is always responsible for drawing up and making changes to the breed standard. The F.C.I. then guarantees global compliance to the criteria for outward appearance and movement for dog breeding in the F.C.I. member countries.

Zuchtschau1At breed shows, conformity judges assess the overall appearance, important proportions, the parts and limbs of the body, the coat and gait while in motion. This is especially important, as the evaluation of a standing dog can differ from the assessment of a dog in motion. Dogs can, for example, make up for some physiological faults through muscular compensation when in motion. In some cases, other physical imperfections only become noticeable in the movement of the dog. In the end, decisive is how well the dog is suited for the physical challenges of hunting.

Behavior, character and nature are also regulated in the breed standard. At breed shows, however, these criteria can be only partially evaluated, or not be evaluated at all. The same is true for performance abilities. Thus, at breed shows, only parts of the entire breed characteristics can be assessed.

Conformity judges must evaluate to what extent a dog complies with all of the breed characteristics. For this, the following conformation scores are given:

• „Vorzüglich”(V) – Excellent, if the dog meets the breed and sex characteristics in nearly ideal, complete fashion,
• „Sehr gut”(SG) – Very good, if the dog has balanced proportions, is in good mental condition and possesses the typical breed characteristics – in short, an outstanding dog,
• „Gut”(G) – Good, if the dog has the main breed characteristics, but shows various faults,
• „Genügend”(Ggd) – Satisfactory, if the dog is close to the breed standard, however, without possessing its generally known characteristics or if its physical condition is unconvincing,
• „Disqualifiziert”(Disq) – Disqualified, if the dog does not conform to the breed standard, has significant problems with its teeth or other anomalies, shows aggressive behavior or has faults which might impair its health.

Zuchtschau2After the breed show, the handlers receive a certificate with a description of the outward appearance and movement of the dog (habitus description), which also includes the measurement of size, bite check as well as noteworthy behavioral details. It is fundamentally advisable to prepare the dog for presentation at a breed show. For example, checking of bite and measuring for size should be practiced several times in order to avoid difficulties at the breed show, if the dog will not allow its mouth to be opened or seeks to avoid the measuring stick.

Every F.C.I. member country is responsible for conducting their own breed shows. (kb)