(Cor Bottenheft 04.01.2015)


This year the IMP-A and IMP-B with International Breed Show was organized by the Dutch Heidewachtel (Kleine Münsterländer) Club in close cooperation with the Verband für Kleine Münsterländer in Germany. The testing grounds were located around Oeding (near Borken) and the event headquarters was the Hotel Lindenhof in Borken.

In all, 14 Kleine Münsterländer and 1 Großer Münsterländer from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark showed up for the test. 7 KlM were at the start for the IMP-A (elite level); 1 Großer Münsterländer and 7 KlM for the IMP-B (basic level). Judges came from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The event could not have been more international.

After the greeting by President of KlM-International, Dietrich Berning, and the Chairman of the Dutch Heidewachtel Club, Cor Bottenheft, the participants moved into the fields. The fields were large with hedge rows, and the stock of small game was excellent with lots of pheasant, hare and rabbits. These were fields where the KlM could feel at home, as though they knew that their breed had originated here in the Münsterland.

Last year the test subject blood tracking was the greatest difficulty for the KlM, while this year several dogs had problems with retrieving furred small game. The best result in the area of blood tracking was 11 points by the KlM Quyra vom Buchenberg with her handler Jürgen Roetmann.

The testing at water was demanding and prepared by Josef Garming, who was among the judges as a specialty judge for the water. The dogs had to show their love of water, desire and endurance. The best dogs in the water testing were the Große Münsterländer Cay van ‘t Woudse Veldt and der KlM Xito von Eulenfelsen. The field work was also interesting. It was apparent that the field search alone and the search in pairs is still not familiar enough to be a matter of routine. The results were good at both the IMP-A and the IMP-B. The best dog in the field at the IMP-A was Bianca vom Gimbsheimer Altrhein and Nero vom Grenzwall at the IMP-B.

Dietrich Berning assumed leadership of the International Breed Show. 27 KlM and 1 GM showed up. But because the Verband Große Münsterländer e.V. in Germany did not assist with the event and therefore received no approval from the VDH, only KlM could be could be evaluated at the Breed Show. In this case too, the dogs were evaluated by judges from several countries.

The international cooperation in both preparing and judging the test was very positive. Not only the tests are different everywhere, but also judging. But all had to judge at the IMP-A and IMP-B according to the same testing regulations.

At the awards presentation, President Dietrich Berning welcomed Hugo Stempher, the Chairman of the Dutch Hunting Commission, and also member of the Board of the Dutch Kennel Club. Hugo Stempher, who attended part of the test in the morning, gave a short welcome speech to the event participants.

In conclusion, the general opinion was that this test contributes a lot to the goal of international cooperation, which is a prerequisite for promoting international performance breeding.

Cor Bottenheft
Chairman of the Dutch Heidewachtel (Small Münsterländer) Club

Results IMP-A
1. Bianca vom Gimbsheimer Altrhein (Fr) 744 Pts
2. Quyra vom Buchenberg (D) 703 Pts
3. Desy vom Wentowsee (D) 687 Pts
4. Xito vom Eulenfelsen (D) 865 Pts
5. Grasidingens Arlina (Dk) 592 Pts failed
6. Ibo vom Grenzwall (NL) 592 Pts failed
7. Aslan vom Apfelgarten (D) 423 Pts failed

Results IMP-B
1. Gitte van de Haeselaere (NL) 473 Pts
2. Anni von der Reuterstadt (D) 460 Pts
3. Nero vom Grenzwall (NL) 453 Pts
4. Cay van ‘t Woudse Veldt (GM) (NL) 450 Pts
5. Lord van het Izeven (BE) 448 Pts
6. Jagthytens Heiko (DK) 402 Pts
7. Ayka (NL) 416 Pts failed
8. Flora von der Eisenburg (D) 0 Pts failed