Invitation to the IMP A & B in Austria on Sept. 20-21, 2019

Invitation IMP 2019, EN

Invitation to the International Münsterländer Test (IMP) on September 20-21, 2019 in the area around Schwertberg/Oberösterreich in Austria


September 20 – 21, 2019 IMP (A)

  • With live duck for dogs up to 48 months IMP (B)
  • With live duck for dogs up to 36 months

September 21, 2019

  • International Breed Show open to all Kleine Münsterländer and Große Münsterländer
  • For dogs participating in the IMP A or B, participation in the Breed Show is mandatory.
  • Welcome and judge’s meeting on September 19th at 7:00 p.m.

Event organizer:

Verband Kleine Münsterländer International e.V. (KlM-I)

Local organizer:

Österreichischer Verein für Große und Kleine Münsterländer

Test Directors:

Philipp Ita, Stift 1, A-3321 Ardagger

Tel. 0043 (0) 664-8417042



Dietrich Berning, Provinzialstraße 24, D-46499 Hamminkeln

Tel.: 0049 (0) 2873-261


Test Entry:

With Formblatt IMP-1 for the IMP-A and Formblatt IMP-2 for the IMP-B along with a copy of the pedigree to the Test Director.

Number of teams: maximum 25

The entry is to be sent to Dietrich Berning (see address above) via the national KlM-I member club.

Deadline for entries:  September 1, 2019

Entry fee:

IMP (A or B): 150 Euro, including Breed Show

Breed Show: 30 Euro

Payable until the deadline for entries.

Volksbank Düren, IBAN DE21395602011505421058, BIC GENODED1DUE

Test Headquarters:

Mühlviertler Hof, Familie Geirhofer

Hauptstrasse 10

A-4311 Schwertberg

Tel.: +43 (0)72 62 / 61 2 62



Please reserve your room as soon as possible under the keyword “dog test”.

Admission requirements:

With the IMP-A, only dogs that meet the breeding requirements in their country of origin by the entry deadline.

With the IMP-B, dogs will be admitted, for which no breed excluding faults were identified by the entry deadline (national breeding approval is not a prerequisite).

Exceptions will be decided on individually.

For each dog, a valid PET Passport (International Vaccination Card) with valid rabies vaccination must be presented. Also, an insurance certificate must be presented.


Every handler must be in possession of a valid hunting license. For the field and water work, firearms and cartridges will be provided by the organizers and will only be shot by the judges for reasons of safety.


Drag game for the test should be brought by the handlers. For reasons of veterinary health, drag game can also be provided by the organizer.


Meals will be provided during the test for handlers and judges.


All handlers will receive a program with group assignments on the day of arrival.

The official language is German.

Test regulations for the IMP (A & B) can be downloaded from the KIM-I website (


Financial and donations in kind are very welcome!