(jm 14.09.2015)

This year the Club for Long-haired Pointing Dogs of the Czech Republic (Klub dlouhosrstych oharu) extended an invitation to participate in the International Münsterländer Test in the area around Ivančice (near Brno) on September 5-6, 2015. Concurrently, the International VGP took place with 8 dogs participating.

First, the Executive Committee of KlM-International met on September 4, 2015. Following the meeting, a Breed Show took place in the inner courtyard of the Schlosshof Hrubsice.

Five Kleine Münsterländer and one Großer Münsterländer showed up for the IMP. Particularly noteworthy was that one Kleine Münsterländer came all the way from Japan. Two KlM came from Germany and two from the Czech Republic as well as one GM. All of the participating dogs were registered for the IMP-B.

After the welcoming ceremony in the Schlosshof Hrubsice the IMP participants went out to the testing fields which were well stocked with hare. Here the participating dogs were able to demonstrate their natural abilities in the field in two groups with international judges. Abundant provisions were available on site.

In the afternoon the test at the water took place. It was a large body of water with substantial sections of reeds. 

The evening was spent festively together with all participants, judges and organizers of the IMP and the IVGP in the Knight’s Hall of the castle over dumplings, sauerkraut, pork and beer. For dessert, the Club for Long-haired Pointing Dogs of the Czech Republic donated a delicious suckling pig. Music was also provided.


The second part of the IMP was completed on Sunday morning in the forest. It was a surprise that here again ample provisions were available for all.

All six dogs passed the IMP-B. The best handler and dog with 455 points was Tomáš Zídek with his KlM female Tamesis Eben-Ezer. This dog was the youngest dog but best dog in the field and forest. The best dog at water was Crusoe Badaine, handled by Dr. Arifumi Takazawa from Japan.

The IMP once again contributed to an international exchange, and language barriers were overcome without great difficulty.

Test Results

  • Tamesis Eben-Ezer (KlM), Tomáš Zídek (CZ), 455 points
  • Adar z Holásek (KlM), Roman Sobodka (CZ), 455 points
  • Orson SvatoborskÝ (GM), Bc. Zuzana Fialová (CZ), 428 points
  • Crusoe Badaine (KlM), Dr. Arifumi Takazawa (Japan), 405 points
  • Gangster von der Rehbrügge (KlM), Hermann Schläpfer (D), 394 points
  • Anne von Burg Redinghoven (KlM), Hendrik Herr (D), 380 points